Saturday, January 18, 2014

Blog Hiatus

School resumed last week after a wonderful month-long winter break.  (I went back to the States for 3 weeks, if you didn't already know that.)  It was one of the best Christmas vacations ever - and one of the coldest!

I came back to the U.K. with 5 days to study for my statistics exams.  But it was still incredibly difficult since the questions were completely different from the ones we practiced in class/for homework.  I'm just hoping I passed (grades will be posted in a few weeks).  Now we're moving quickly into second semester and I've got loads of homework.  There are fewer lectures this semester, so we're getting more assignments for self-study.  It's only been one week of classes, but this is what I've got so far:
  • Literature review of 15 articles due in 2 weeks - the topic cannot be the same as my dissertation, which means . . .
  • I have to do another literature review of an additional 50 articles for my dissertation
  • Practice exercise of a qualitative research method
  • Practice exercise of a quantitative research method
  • Formal assignment of a research design proposal
There will also be an assignment for my Communicable Disease class - most likely an intervention strategy proposal for a specific disease.

Needless to say, this blog will be on hiatus for the next two months.  I don't expect anything exciting to happen (it's very boring writing about my daily activities in the library).

BUT . . . you can look forward to some more travel blog posts at the end of March and in April!  I will be going to Geneva, Switzerland for a study tour at the World Health Organization on March 23-31.  Then Mom and Dad will be coming to England for a 2-week holiday in April.  So sit tight until spring when the adventures resume!

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  1. Whoa, you sound super busy! Good luck with all your studies! That's cool that your parents are going to visit you! Things with us are good...Lennon is growing fast but is such a good baby and Braylen is doing well too. Talk to ya later!